Instructor: Zack Marlow-McCarthy

Creating low entry cost, body-driven experiences with the Microsoft Kinect.

In this workshop we’ll explore several different paradigms and softwares for working with 3d tracking cameras to create digital experiences that engage the body as an input. This workshop is software and hardware-agnostic, but I will provide setups with Processing IDE and VVVV as well as Microsoft Kinect V1/2 and projectors. We’ll discuss the limitations of the technology as well as look at some examples of work in this field, and then break down into groups to explore different paradigms for incorporating 3d tracking cameras.

Prerequisite: An interest in performance, code, or both.

Required Materials: a computer (osx, linux, windows) with processing installed. Bring your own hardware/software of choice, but I will set up a few options in advance.

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