Instructor: Hugo Paris

Modular synthesizers allow near infinite freedom when working on music and sound design. In this 1-day workshop (6h) we will introduce audio synthesis in the free open source software Pure Data. Students will learn about modular synthesizers and what makes them so special. Students will be invited to experiment with their own modular patches in Automatism software modular environment (Pure Data add-on) and will be guided through sonic explorations and collaborations in a welcoming freeform environment.

Knowledge acquired will be applicable to the hardware tools presented in future Modular Synthesizer Intro Series. Proficiency with Pure Data/Automatism will allow students to pursue their sonic explorations and apply their ideas without owning a hardware system, or while away from it.

Pre-requisites: Intro to audio synthesis with Pure Data - or equivalent knowledge


  • Audio Synthesis
  • Pure Data / Automatism
  • Visual programming
  • Modular synthesizers
  • Sound design
  • Synth patching
  • Musical collaboration
  • Experimental music

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