IInstructor: Craig Winslow

The Pen tool is used in many different programs by designers to create vector logos, graphics, icons, custom type, illustrations, masks for animations, and much much more. It’s tricky to get the hang of, but over the course of this workshop, we're going to focus in on mastering this powerful tool. How do I vectorize a raster image? Where do I put beziers for clean curves? How in the heck do I make a letter "S" from scratch? These questions and more will be answered. This course will focus on the pen tool in Illustrator, but we'll also touch on its slight variations in Photoshop and After Effects. We'll also explore overall best-practices, hotkeys, and ways to speed up your workflow.

What can I do next?

– Make laser-cut stickers, or engrave your design onto things

– Animate your designs in After Effects

– Export SVGs to animate/modify in code

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite Required Materials: Adobe Illustrator

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