Instructor: Zach Marlow-McCarthy

An introduction to the world of online 3D graphics.

In this workshop, we’ll explore THREEjs as a fantastic cross-platform framework for building rich and interactive 3D experiences for the web and mobile. We’ll look at examples of what the framework can be used to do, discuss some of its limitations, and get started with some hands-on exercises and tutorials. I will provide some possible themes and assets to work with to make your own 3D experience. At the end of the workshop, we’ll share what we’ve made, help to overcome technical obstacles, to optimize for mobile performance, and give creative feedback to push it further.

Prerequisite: Basic HTML and Javascript knowledge, Prior 3D graphics experience is encouraged. Knowledge of Blender/C4D/Maya is helpful but not required.

Required Materials: a computer (osx, linux, windows).

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