Instructor: Laura Allcorn

Looking for a new lens on design? Why not try designing like a comedian. Don’t worry, we won’t be writing jokes. Instead, we’ll be getting into a comedian’s mindset and applying the principles of comedy to design.

The workshop will begin with a high-level overview of the principles and theories of comedy and how they can be applied to design and communicating ideas. We’ll practice applying comedic approaches to generate ideas and concepts through: lists, frameworks, and clustering. Then we’ll learn and practice applying specific joke-writing techniques to solve design challenges and sell in ideas: set-up and punchline, the misdirect, inventive analogies, when worlds collide, future forecasting, backwards thinking, etc.

Who should come? Anyone looking to shake up their creative approach, including; artists; designers of all stripes; and conceptual thinkers.

Prerequisites: Workshop participants should be comfortable with conceptual thinking and have a desire to try new approaches to creating and communicating ideas.

Materials: A notebook, your favorite writing implement, and a laptop.

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