Instructor: Craig Winslow

Learn how to take control of light in a whole new way, and augment the world around you with animations, color, simulated lighting, and more. We’ll start with a quick conceptual overview, analyze various opportunities/limitations of the medium, then dive into a few live demos of what’s possible with projection mapping, using MadMapper.

Once you know the basics of mapping, it’s all about content! This workshop will be content-driven, sharing how to optimize your workflow by organizing a video template, tips I’ve learned to map rapidly during different "projection-a-day" road trips, live-video mixing, and using MIDI to make that job a lot smoother.

We’ll also touch on the fun logistics behind organizing a mapping installation, deciding what projectors you’ll need, how to mount them in difficult spots, and how to put together a mobile mapping setup.

Prerequisite: None

Required Materials: Computer, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), MadMapper

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