Instructor: Howard Silverman

Systems thinking is one way of seeing patterns amidst the messiness of life. Patterns give coherence to one’s experience, and a systems toolkit of methods, models, concepts, and metaphors can be used to sense and interpret such patterns. We will use these tools to examine social and environmental opportunities and concerns; and they will inform our conversations as we consider and critique strategies for effective action. Essential to this toolkit is the use of visual imagery such as artworks, diagrams, graphs, maps, and doodles. Visual imagery can support the types of facilitations and conversations through which cognitive work is done. Through such cognitive work, we grapple with current realities, compare analogies and distinctions, and imagine or enact new stories.

Prerequisite: No explicit familiarity with systems thinking is required; this class will serve as both introduction for newcomers and augmentation for old hands.

Required Materials: Each participant will need a laptop/tablet, with web access

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