Reese Bowes, M.F.A

User Experience Researcher, Interaction Designer, Industrial Designer

A native of South Africa, Reese is currently a user experience researcher, interaction designer, and industrial designer for Intel Labs in Oregon. He explores the interactions between human beings, digital devices, and interfaces across multiple disciplines – visual art, music, design, and software. Wearables and virtual reality are his current focus. As an artist, his personal work aims to uncover the multiple realities that exist with the use of the digital interface. Those distortions of perception, of usage, of communication, and the possible misperceptions that occur when the digital and man-made interface is used as a device that creates content - an artistic image, a piece of literature, a design. Reese is interested in employing the digital interface as a medium of expression in order to define new visual realities and interactive, collaborative experiences.

Reese is a musician and performer as well, and you can find his work at