Hao Zhang

Hao Zhang is an interaction designer & researcher from Shanghai, China, with a strong foundation in rapid prototyping, namely physical computing (Arduino) and Unity expertise, to explore the social aspects of technology. By working with emerging technologies and new media, he wants to develop critical discourse, productive scenarios and speculations about how millennials live with these new technologies. You can probably find him holding a small user-testing workshop, experimenting with electronics, and drawing imaginative diagrams, or on social media. His current practice examines the interconnectedness of the mind and body to explore new, different ways for digital content consumption.

In 2017, Hao Zhang (1992, Shanghai, China) was a featured artist at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria; worked as a teaching assistant at Everyday Immersions Virtual Reality class at ArtCenter College of Design & was a researcher for Vans Design Team through a partnership with ArtCenter.